Red Socks Friday in Hamburg

Every friday morning there is a worldwide movement of people who are running. And it’s not only running. Everyone runs in red socks.


The 'Red Sock Friday' is a movement, a manifesto of friendship, if you „burn“ for something, to get and give eachother positive inspiration, to own a positive attitude, to remember friends and to develope yourself. And all this is based on a wonderful tale – which begins with two friends from South Africa: (see below).

ShoOops! is a word that means everything but nothing – it’s an expression that lets happiness come out the second you say it..Try it out!


If you want to join us in Hamburg, or you want to create your own Red Sock Friday group or just want to wear the original southafrican socks: just get in contact with us, fill out the order form below or visit our facebook page.

THE BEGINNING - I wear my red socks on Fridays

"Wherever you go, go with your heart! “The beauty of the Red Sock Friday story lies in its simplicity, and how it has touched so many people’s lives without much artillery." (John McInroy)


Almost every human being needs a lot of self-motivation, a special event, a moment, a history, a good frined or a sign to follow his way, stand for himself, try something new or be couragoues to move something. If you are into it with full of your heart and your energy every way is possible.


How the story begins... -‚Red Sock Fridays’ (RSF)


John McInroy (South Africa) - & des Unogwaja Light Funds – is working in Dublin 2007. The ‚Red Socks’ came into his life when he had to say good bye to a dear friend. They were searching for a sign, which would connect them for their whole life.


His friend told John the story of Sir ‚Sydney Feinsen’ – a southafrican war veterane who was wearing red socks on war memorial day. He was wearing those as a special sign, because during world war two he and two of his friends survived „the battle of Tubruk“. After that they were inprisoned in an italien concentration camp.

The three friends decided – if one of them will survive - they will wear red socks until their end of life: as a sign of friendship, courage and of hope. So there was a further pact between John and his friend. Friday is the best day of the week to do something courages, silly, to remember each other and to celebrate life.



Red Sock Friday in 70 countries of the world on 7 continents

„Until today I was wearing red socks every friday, even if I go out surfing or if I have a job interview. If you wear Red Socks they carry you positivly through the day.“ John said.

The begining of change: the people began to ask, what the meaning behind the red socks is, and time after time more and more people were wearing the red socks. First it was just a small bling for being „different“ „new“ – now red socks are worn in over 70 countries of the world at 7 continents as a symbol of comradeship – so simple but so strong.


One night John had a dream, where every human being was wearing red socks as a symbol to follow your heart, celebrate the unity of friendship, give each other inspirationand to forfill your dreams. John quit his job and fullfilled his dream.

Since then the community is growing and the earnings of the sock sell are put into wonderful southafrican charity projects.

Be a part too and show a sign, if you run with us, alone, in Hamburg, South Africa or on the moon. 100 meters or an ultra marathon. Red socks connect. Red socks motivate. And red socks proove that you can cross every boarder. Connect people and to be a part of an international community.

You want to have red socks, then send us a message ... everything else we will arrange in direct contact.

The facts:

For a donation* of minimum 10 euro, plus transport as a goods-letter for 1,09 euro (national) or 4,90 euro (international) the red socks can be send to you. Sizes S and L . Please gibe us time. And if there is no response just asked again. J

*The donation is going to the charity of Unogwaja Lightfunds – the community of Chest Pietermaritzburg – the Umsilinga Primary School in Ezinktheni. More information here.


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